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Social Media: Where Interaction Reigns Supreme

Social Media is a medium where conversations and interactions between brands, individuals, companies, and even pets (http://twitter.com/chevythelab) take place.

In essence, Social Media is a world of its own:

Businesses, for example, are able to take advantage of the millions (even billions) of visits consumers make to social media sites each day.

Many consumers see companies with Facebook Fan pages, Twitter accounts, the occasional blog post, and typically nothing else.  A social media marketing program is relatively cheap to develop in the workplace. Many companies feel that they are taking advantage of social media by having a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account and monitoring the amount of conversation regarding their product or service…but this is not the case.

Businesses need to realize that in order to get every drop of usefulness out of social media and to gain real value from their social network, they have to…no, they MUST interact with individuals. Businesses need to use the resources available to them in order to find out exactly what people are saying about them, where people are getting information about them, and the impact social media is having on their image.

Needless to say, this applies to the average user as well (in a different sort of way).  Social Networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, are meant to be used as a new and exciting way to converse and interact with other people.  That’s why its called SOCIAL Media! 🙂 This new age concept and social interface has become a way to network and connect people in similar industries, with similar likes, and with similar backgrounds.

Interaction is essential to social media…without it…it wouldn’t be called social media 🙂

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