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2010 CES Daily Round-Up: Press Edition, January 5th

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

With CES right around the corner (January 7-10) and with all the press events going on right now, I thought I would give a daily round-up of all that went down.

Today, January 5th, has been a fairly quiet one, but we have already seen some interesting products/concepts!  Here is a rundown on what we have seen thus far:

-Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Hands-On

-3D TV is going to be HUGE at CES- ESPN has already set a date for when they will be airing a 3D World Cup.

-Skype HD: Skype directly through your LG or Panasonic TV

-ASUS has a slew of new netbooks, laptops, and desktops- Unveiled at their press event

-Spring Design Alex dual-screen, Android based e-reader

That was about it for today’s CES news- I’m sure that there were a few things that I may have missed, but I will do my best to catch any and all that comes out of CES this week

On a different, but somewhat similar note;

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The JooJoo, Apple Tablet, Microsoft Courier, and My Obsession With All of Them UPDATE

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the past few months there has been an explosion of rumors regarding the ever elusive tablet PC (or Mac).  I am growing more and more anxious as the days roll by as to when we will actually see these coveted pieces of modern technology.

Here is the most recent information regarding all the rumored tablets:

The Apple Tablet-

There have been countless (and I mean COUNTLESS) rumors circulating the web regarding this amazing piece of (unconfirmed) technology.  The hype being created for the tablet could mean huge sales for Apple if they ever decide to release it.  The rumors have come from manufacturing data, filed patents, and analysts, but we still have had no word from Apple regarding the existence of a tablet.

Most Recent Rumor:  Via Gizmodo

Citing his investigation into Apple’s supply chain, analyst Yair Reiner claims that Apple will ramp up production of the wonderdevice in February 2010. His date for the Second Coming of the JesusTablet: March or April. And apparently, it’ll kill Kindle.

Let’s hope he is right.

UPDATE- We have a video that has surfaced (clearly a fake, but I like to dream) of the Apple Tablet:

The Microsoft Courier

First, I must say that I was enthralled with the idea of an Apple Tablet…because we all know that Apple makes amazing products, but when I saw the Microsoft Courier…I became a Microsoft Fan Boy (for this product ONLY)

The Microsoft Courier is a product that is (maybe) being developed by Microsoft and has dual 7-inch screens that are said to be multitouch.  The device is being designed for writing, flicking, and drawing with a stylus, in addition to finger gestures.  The screens are connected by a hinge that has an “iPhone-esque” home button.  The device is also supporting a camera on the outer cover.

I personally feel that this is one of the coolest devices I have ever seen.  Yes, there are netbooks out there that are small and portable, but this is in the shape of a BOOK.  How many movies have there been where we’ve seen people from the future using devices like this?? Exactly.

Looking forward to hearing more about this device as soon as humanly possible.

The JooJoo (or the artist formally known as CrunchPad)-

The JooJoo is the only device of the three that has actually been held by human hands.  This device is an browser based device that is basically for internet usage.  The screen is a massive 12.1 inches and is supposedly in full HD.  The touchscreen has different finger gestures for making your way through different apps or web pages and looks to be like a pretty solid device.  Other than the $500 price tag for a device that only offers a way to get on the internet…this is a pretty interesting piece of technology.

UPDATE– The JooJoo has officially gotten some press shots and is now available for pre-order through their website,

Here are some of the amazing press shots:

UPDATE- JooJoo Pre-Order Violates PayPal Rules

A few days ago someone pointed out (here)that the pre-order going on right now over at is in clear violation of PayPal rules.

Right now when you pre-order the JooJoo it says that they should be shipped with 8-10 weeks, but according to PayPal user agreement…thats not possible:

ll.4 – Prohibited Transactions. […] You also agree not to use your PayPal account to sell goods with delivery dates delayed more than 20 days from the date of payment, or to sell securities, business opportunities, franchises or multi-level marketing or goods with delivery delayed more than 20 days from the date of payment.

This is another road bump in the already bump road of the JooJoo (aka CrunchPad)- It is a little discomforting to put down that much money and only have PayPal to do it.  I hope they figure this out ASAP because I still have high hopes for this piece of technology.

UPDATE- Notion Inc. Enters Tablet Wars

The people over at have released some information regarding a new tablet device that is making its way into the ongoing tablet wars.

This device is of course being shown of in its render stage, but it still is enough to spark my interest (and I’m sure yours)

Stuffed into this device is a GPS, a digital compass, accelerometer and proximity, and ambient light and water sensors.  t’ll be available in 16GB and 32GB SSD options, and will have an SD card slot too. The Pixel Qi display measures 10.1-inches, and offers 1080p resolution video playback and connection wise it has a USB, HDMI, 3.5mm jack and microphone input. With Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

These are some pretty amazing specs and it looks like we will see more of it at CES 2010 in January.  I would keep my eyes and ears open on this one.


I needed a chance to clear my head of all these rumors and broken promises.   These devices could revolutionize the way we access and share information.  I will constantly keep my eyes and ears open for new rumors and update as much as possible.

I can’t wait until these devices become reality…until then…I will just have to survive on rumors.

Shoot on over to,, or for the full reviews, hands on, and rumors galore for each device and more.

RUMOR: Apple’s Black Friday Ad Leaked

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Dear sweet, innocent baby Jesus, please make this true.  Thanks to Boy Genius Report for the heads-up:

Thats right:

30% off all iPods

25% off all Macs

15% off all Accessories

If you have been holding off on making the switch to Apple or buying the new Magic Mouse…I suggest waiting until Black Friday….although your local Apple Store will probably look like this due to everyone trying to get in:

Either way, if you have been waiting, what’s a few more days?  If not, you are back to where you started

[via Boy Genius Report]

Nvidia CEO Spills About Tablet; Undying Love for Apple

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment


In a recent interview, Nvidia CEO reveals 2 very important pieces of information.


Nvidia Tablet

This alone would have been enough.  I can’t tell you how badly I want one of these devices.  With this, hopefully, coming to market soon, I may have to hold off on getting the Microsoft Courier (but who knows when the hell that will be released) This tablet looks exactly like what we all THINK the Apple Tablet should look like.

Now the only reason I (or anyone else) would think this has anything to do with Apple is because for the rest of the interview with Nvidia’s CEO, he declared his undying love for Apple and their computers.

Two: [In my home we are] all Apple. Apple uses the best technology for their [computers]. Apple says to their customers: if you buy a computer from us you can be sure we have selected the best technology inside for you. That is their promise to consumers. Their promise to consumers isn’t we’ve selected the best technology for you with the exception of what Intel allows us to use. That’s not their promise. And that’s why Apple uses the best technology where they want whenever they want. And that’s why I’m all Apple! At home it’s just Macs everywhere. It’s Nvidia’s technology in all of them but I use Macs. My son has two Macs, my daughter has a Mac, there’s an extra Mac just in case and my wife has a Mac. It’s just Mac, Mac, Mac! Because I know it’s got the best stuff inside.

Final Tally:

Apple = 5x

Mac = 9x


5x + 9x = Chapped Lips and a Brown Nose

I love Apple too, but damn.  I’m still hoping for this tablet to be released directly to me.  and only me.

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Dell Adamo XPS Hands On…Well Not My Hands

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

What I wouldn’t give to work at a “Gizmodo” or an “Endgadget” simply to be able to work with and review some of the most amazing products to come to market.

That being said…Gizmodo and Endgadget…If you happen to read this…I would LOVE to work for you.

Moving on….

Gizmodo, as well as Endgadget, just released their versions of hands on with the Dell Adamo XPS.

This thing is amazingly/freakishly thin….It opens with a heat sensitive sensor…and looks like a computer straight from Q’s lab.

The Dell Adamo XPS is going to be available for THIS HOLIDAY SEASON at a competitive $1800.  Here are some of the specs in the form of a press release:

· World’s Thinnest Laptop is 0.4-inch thin

The pencil-thin Adamo XPS weighs just over 3 pounds** and measures 13.39 x 10.71 inches. Dell expects to begin taking orders and shipping the Adamo XPS with Microsoft® Windows® 7 pre-installed in time for the holidays. The Adamo XPS is priced starting at $1799. More information is available at

· Adamo XPS Reinforces Dell’s Commitment to Craftsmanship and Design

· Advanced Head-Turning Design Offers Full Feature Set for On-The-Go Computing

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Nov 5, 2009 … Last spring Dell set the computing industry abuzz with the introduction of its Adamo brand, and along with it the world’s thinnest laptop PC. Today, the world meets a new champion of thin: The Dell™ Adamo XPS™, measuring 9.99mm or just four-tenths of an inch. Both laptops set new standards for craftsmanship, design and engineering excellence.

Adamo XPS is a stunning laptop whose design provides a unique experience. With the swipe of a finger, the keyboard appears from under the display as the system is open. The feature set challenged engineers to build the latest technology into a compact space, including:

· 4GB* DDR3 800 memory;

· Intel Core 2 Duo (1.4Ghz) ultra-low voltage processor;

· Thin 128GB SSD for faster, cooler, quieter and more durable storage than traditional hard drives;

· A 13.4-inch high-definition display.

The attention to detail is apparent in the black, jewelry box-like packaging that is as striking as the laptop itself. A tug on a cloth loop reveals the Adamo XPS and assorted accessories that accompany the system. The Adamo XPS was recently recognized as the hottest Windows 7 product by leading technology analyst Rob Enderle with Digital Trends.

Adamo, derived from the Latin word meaning “to fall in love,” is a flagship in a line of products created to disrupt the personal computing space with the combination of new design aesthetics, personalization choices and sought-after technologies.

The Adamo by Dell brand was launched last March with the first Adamo laptop, which combined high-performance technologies in a finely-machined aluminum case only .65-inch thick.

For the full hands on, head on over to Gizmodo or Endgadget…get ready to be amazed.

Microsoft Courier Leaked Interface; Makes Me Want It Even More

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

It has been a few days since my last post and I must apologize…I was deathly ill…and by deathly ill, I mean I had a cold and didn’t feel much like typing 🙂 But there is NEWS TODAY!!!

The Microsoft Courier….I have to have one.

Ever since Gizmodo [] had the exclusive on the Microsoft Courier back in September, I have wanted one of these with a passion.

I have also been waiting for some kind of update since I first laid my eyes on this beauty…and that day is today.

Gizmodo has released a document that goes over the entire Microsoft Courier Interface.

It looks like the most amazing scrapbook I have ever seen.  I must have one and thanks to Gizmodo…I can now curb the urge to write Microsoft an angry letter expressing my need for more info.

Thank you, Gizmodo…for staying my pen.


LG’s Transparent Display Brings You One Step Closer To Being Tony Stark

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Lets face it.  We all want to be Tony Stark…and after we saw his house in Iron Man….we all wanted his amazing HUD like displays in every piece of glass we’ve ever come in contact with.

Now we’re in luck, thanks to LG:


This stunning piece of concept glory was featured at FPD 2009 in Japan, but didn’t come with much in the area of details because this is about all we know.  It is 15 inches and in full color.  Other than needing to tape a sheet of paper behind it so you can see whats actually on the screen, this thing makes our dreams of becoming Tony Stark that much closer to being a reality.


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