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LG Projector Phone For Everyone!* (*=Business Customers Only)

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

As I was watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation tonight, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a commercial for an awesome looking phone called the LG eXpo.

Now normally I wouldn’t be all excited about the release of a phone (unless it was the iPhone for Verizon) BUT I saw an interesting feature on the LG eXpo that caught my eye.

Yes…thats right…that is a projector on the back of that phone.

The phone itself runs Windows 6.5 and has the S-Class interface overlayed on to it.  The projector itself is basically an accessory that clips onto the back of the phone.  Some of the other features are a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot for increasing storage as well as the usual Wi-Fi connectivity.

This would be a great idea when you have a fun video to show a group of friends or when you have some free time and no TV or computer…..think again.

The LG eXpo is only available for Business Customers.

Why AT&T and LG chose to make it exclusively for business customers I will never know, but I do know it is a dumb decision….although personally….I would probably never use the projector.

Here is a video showing a quick review and demonstration of the projector:

What do you think about it?


LG’s Transparent Display Brings You One Step Closer To Being Tony Stark

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Lets face it.  We all want to be Tony Stark…and after we saw his house in Iron Man….we all wanted his amazing HUD like displays in every piece of glass we’ve ever come in contact with.

Now we’re in luck, thanks to LG:


This stunning piece of concept glory was featured at FPD 2009 in Japan, but didn’t come with much in the area of details because this is about all we know.  It is 15 inches and in full color.  Other than needing to tape a sheet of paper behind it so you can see whats actually on the screen, this thing makes our dreams of becoming Tony Stark that much closer to being a reality.


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