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Publishing Power Houses Combine For E-Publishing Venture

December 13, 2009 2 comments

In recent news, there has been a lot of talk regarding e-publishing.  A great deal of companies have already stated that they are working on projects that will revolutionize the industry and take it into a new era.

This video from a collaboration between The WonderFactory and Time Inc. shows an AMAZING concept of what e-publishing could eventually (hopefully) be:

I know that this is simply a concept, but just looking at it and seeing the possibilities gets me excited.

That being said, this past week the biggies in the publishing sector, News Corp, Conde Nast, Hearst, Time and Meredith, announced a new and exciting venture.

They announced a digital publishing venture that will strive to develop new standards in the online news and magazine industry.  They are working to develop an online store that will try to focus on giving end users access to content via  portable digital devices. (AKA Tablets)

This is exciting news because why would these HUGE companies be putting time and money into developing this new type of store front if they didn’t have any inside info regarding the release of a tablet like device.  Honestly, hurry up already.

They are hoping to create an application that will attempt to retain the look and feel of the original publications.  They also want to offer a platform that will work for numerous different devices and screen sizes, which will give readers an extensive selection.

“For the consumer, this digital initiative will provide access to an extraordinary selection of engaging content products, all customised for easy download on the device of their choice, including smartphones, e-readers and laptops,” says John Squires, the venture’s interim MD. “Once purchased, this content will be ‘unlocked’ for consumers to enjoy anywhere, anytime, on any platform.”

The five publishers have an equal share in the new venture, which makes it even if this venture fails….and I don’t think it will- We just need to see the devices they plan on publishing for.